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You can pick up your membership card after 2-3 working days.

Intake with professional coach

Do you want to exercise with great pleasure and results? After the reopening, make an appointment for your intake with one of our coaches. Based on your preference, we will draw up a personal training schedule that suits you!

An intake with our coach is part of your subscription and therefore doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Start with purposeful arrangement

Have you signed up for one of our packages (Lose weight in 8 weeks, Muscle up in 8 weeks or Sport fasting in 10 days)? Then come to the frontdesk in your gym to agree the start of your program.

Personal training

You already receive a lot of personal attention within our all-in subscriptions and packages, but do you want to get started with a Personal Trainer? That’s possible! And it’s affordable too.

An hour of sports with a Personal Trainer costs € 35,- and it doesn’t matter whether you come alone, with your friend or even with a group. This makes personal training possible for everyone and for every budget.

Read more here about Personal Training at ProFit Gym.


You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail. Are you not receiving an e-mail? No problem, your registration has still been received in good order and you can just come and work out. To be sure, check the Spam or Updates folder of your mailbox.

Our ProFit Gym promises

    • Highly motivated team.
    • Train as often as you want with your coach for 1,5 hour (book via the ProFit Gym App).
    • Weekly progress measurement, with personal insights in your ProFit Gym app.
    • Every 4 weeks a new personal work-out program.
    • A lot of different live group lessons. There is a challenge for everyone!
    • Almost always open with our extensive opening hours.
    • All-in fitness! So no extra costs.

Upgrade with unlimited Yanga sports water

Yanga sports water is sugar free, low in calories and infused with a number of essential vitamines. During an intense work-out you lose a lot of water, so it’s important to stay hydrated to get the most out of your work-out.

In combination with a subscription you will get 50% discount on this upgrade.

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Upgrade with unlimited tanning

A healthy tan and some relaxation after your work-out: a good combination.

In combination with a subscription you will get 50% discount on this upgrade.

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