We make sure you keep hitting the gym.

Our unique personal & all-in approach is for everyone, from beginners to advanced. We want to help you as best we can. Lots of service for one low all-in price! For example, schedule a fitness session with your own coach! We make sure you keep exercising.

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Welcome to ProFit Gym! Your personal all-in gym. We make sure that you keep exercising. You pick up your membership card at the front desk and your coach will give you a tour of the club.
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First introduction

Taking your first step in the gym is the first step towards achieving your goals. Your coach takes the time to answer your questions. Already know how things work? Then you can hit the gym floor right away. 
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Kickstart with your personal intake meeting

A good start is half the battle. That is why we start with an optional personal consultation session. We will take a baseline measurement, discuss what you want as well as any possible injuries, and give you advice on workouts, group classes & training schedules.
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Personal training schedules

Once the route to your final goal has been mapped out, we will create a personal training schedule for the next 6 weeks. You can also find this in the free ProFit Gym app. Need a new schedule? Your coach will prepare a new one free of charge.
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Time to get fired up! You learn to train according to the training schedule and to perfect your workout. There is always a professional personal coach on the fitness floor who you can ask for help or work out with for an extra challenge or motivation.
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Training with your coach

At ProFit Gym, we believe in our personal all-in approach. That is why you can train together with your coach, at no extra cost. Creating a routine is crucial to achieving your exercise goals. We help you with this.
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Personal measurements

All for good measure. Every week you can follow your progress in our app and your coach will perform this measurement 1 on 1 with you. Gain insight into your progress so you can optimise your training.
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Personal assistance

Thanks to our unique Coach app, you can optimise the personal assistance you get from your coach. Advice based on your goals and progress for maximum results.
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Varied training

Want some variety in your fitness routine? Then try INTENS. This is a small group training programme where you work out together. Schedule a free personal training session via the ProFit Gym app for extra motivation and challenge!
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30+ live group classes

From kickboxing to yoga and from zumba to spinning. All our group classes are included in your all-inclusive membership. Due to the wide range of products, we have something for everyone.
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ProFit Gym App

The ProFit Gym app makes fitness training even more fun, because our all-inclusive gym service is accessible 24/7 right from your pocket. Book your group classes, track your results and schedule an appointment with your coach. Also always have your membership card conveniently at hand.
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One all-in price

At ProFit Gym we have one price for the entire all-in offer. So, you pay nothing extra for all of the above. Free training with our professional coaches, group classes and much more. All included in your membership with ProFit Gym.

Training at ProFit Gym

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