We make sure you keep hitting the gym.

ProFit Gym is for everyone, from beginners to professionals. We make sure that you keep on exercising. We do this by providing a personally paired coach with whom you can exercise or ask questions as often as you like. All within your normal subscription!

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Welcome to ProFit Gym! Your personal all-in gym. We make sure you keep working out. You can pick up your membership card at the front desk in the gym. Behind the scenes you will be linked to one of our coaches, who will also give you a tour of the club.
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First introduction

Time to meet your coach. You can ask your coach any questions you may have, plan a work out together and discuss special wishes or injuries. Are you already familiar in the gym or don't need help? No problem at all! You can also go straight to work at the gym.
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Kickstart with your personal intake meeting

We begin, if desired, with a personal intake. During the intake we will take a baseline measurement, discuss your wishes, talk through possible injuries and give advice on work-outs, group classes and training schedules.
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Personal training schedules

Our members achieve more results when they work out in a structured way. We are more than happy to help you with this. Within your subscription, you can create a personalised training schedule. We take your personal wishes into account. For example, a shorter training schedule can contribute to building a successful exercise routine.
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Our main goal is to make sure you keep exercising. That is why we are here to help you. For example, by working out with your personal coach so you can perfect your training. Or try a group lesson! You can also enjoy doing your own thing.
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Training with your coach

Establishing a routine is crucial to achieving your fitness goals and we will help you do just that. Your personal coach is ready to exercise with you or answer your questions, at no extra cost!
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Personal measurements

Seeing results provides an enormous boost in motivation. Every week you can follow your progress in our own unique app. If desired, your coach will perform this measurement 1 on 1 with you. Get insights in your progress so you can work out more efficiently.
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Personal assistance

Your personal coach is here to help: exercising together, new training schedules, nutritional advice, trying a new group class, taking a measurement and so on. We have developed our own unique software tools so that our coaches can provide you with the best possible tailored advice. We make sure that you keep on exercising.
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Varied training

Variation can help build and maintain a good fitness routine. We have small-group training, a wide range of group classes and our clubs are equipped with the best equipment. No inspiration? Ask your coach!
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30+ live group classes

From kickboxing to yoga and from zumba to spinning. All our group classes are included in your all-in subscription and are given by coaches who provide an extra boost of motivation. Because of the wide range of classes we have a suitable class for everyone.
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ProFit Gym App

The ProFit Gym app makes fitness even more fun, because our all-in gym service is available 24/7 in your pocket. Book your group lesson, monitor your results, schedule an appointment with your coach and always keep track of your training schedule. Also handy: you always have your membership card close at hand.
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One all-in price

At ProFit Gym we have one price for our entire all-in service. You pay nothing extra for all the services above. Free training with our professional coaches, group classes and much more. All within your normal subscription at ProFit Gym.

We are here to help you build a gym routineĀ 

You’ve become a member and want to start training in our gyms. To achieve results, building a routine is essential. We are here to help! Every ProFit Gym member is assigned a personal coach. This way you always have a familiar face you can work out with, ask questions, create a new personal training schedule or get a personal measurement. All without extra costs. Don’t need extra help from our coaches? No problem! You can start working out right away.

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