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ProFit Gym Groningen is now open! See you soon in our new club.

Welcome to ProFit Gym Groningen, our newest gym located in the city centre of Groningen. ProFit Gym Groningen is easily accessible from different districts in the city: Centrum/Binnenstad, Schildersbuurt, Laanhuizen, Grunobuurt, Herewegbuurt, Stadspark, Rivierenbuurt, Zeeheldenbuurt, Badstratenbuurt and Peizerweg. Our gym in Groningen is suitable for everyone. From young to old and from student to professional. The gym has state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a wide range of group classes and all the other facilities that ProFit Gym has to offer. Group classes from HIIT to Boxing are held all day long in our gym. ProFit Gym Groningen is easily accessible by bicycle or car.

Extended due to succes. Temporary offer is valid until February 7. Up to 2 months free and 50% discount on registration free.

Work out now at the all-in gym in Groningen with personal service, lots of facilities  and a wide range of group classes!


Eendrachtskade 2a
9726 CW, Groningen
3 reviews.

Opening hours Gym Groningen

Monday to friday
07:00 - 23:00
09:00 - 16:00
09:00 - 16:00

We will be open for.

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Why choose our Groningen centre gym?

  • Centrally located in Groningen city centre
  • Parking at the back of the gym
  • Modern sport equipment
  • Always a personal approach from our trainers
  • From EUR 5.25 a week with no extra charges
  • Up to 2 months of free exercise
  • Unlimited fitness training & group classes
  • Access to all our gyms
  • Personalised training schedules (free of charge!)
  • Free app to check your progress and more
  • Work on your tan in the sunbed
  • Kickstart session with personal trainer

The most complete gym in Groningen

We are very excited to open our newest gym in Groningen. It is an incredible addition to the existing fitness options the city has to offer. ProFit Gym Groningen is affordable and stylish and offers space for every type of exercise enthusiast. Our long opening hours mean that you can (almost) always come to us, and our modern fitness equipment will help you get the most out of your workout. All this at a very affordable all-in price!

Impression of the Groningen gym

What classes and fitnessprogrammes are offered?

  • Small group training
  • Boxing and punching bag training
  • Virtual Les Mills classes
  • Plenty of cardio machines with a beautiful view over the canal
  • LifeFitness spinning
  • Traditional add-on weights
  • Hammer strength dumbbell zone (up to 50kg)  
  • Powerlift area's
  • ProFit Gym sprinttrack
  • Plate-loaded training zone with the latest equipment
  • Functional open training space 
  • 10 cable stations

Fitness in Groningen city centre with the ProFit Gym guarantees

    • Highly motivated team of fitness coaches.
    • Work out as often as necessary for 1.5 hours with your own coach in the gym – can be booked via your ProFit Gym App
    • Weekly extensive measurement, tracked in your ProFit Gym App.   
    • Every 4 weeks you get a new personal training schedule for the perfect workout. 
    • Lots of different live group classes & virtual group classes for the less busy hours. There is a class for everyone!
    • Our long opening hours ensure that our gyms are virtually always open.
    • All-in fitness training! So, no extra costs.

Located in the city centre of Groningen
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Gym Groningen video

This video takes you through the gym and shows the layout. Enough space for young and old to enjoy fitness and work on their exercise goals.

Will we see you soon in our newest gym in Groningen?

All-in fitness Groningen

In our gym in Groningen you can do anything with your fitness routine. This sports centre has a wide range of group classes, the latest fitness equipment and all the other facilities you would expect from ProFit Gym Groningen. No matter what your workout looks like, in our gym you get the most out of yourself.

All-in fitness  from EUR 5.25 a week!

Exercise with YANGA sports water

YANGA sports water is sugar-free, low-calorie and enriched with a number of essential vitamins. During an intensive workout, you lose a lot of fluids, which upsets the balance in your body. That is why it is important to keep well-hydrated in order to get the most out of your workout. From EUR 1.25 a week.

Get a tan in our sunbed after your gym session

Do you want to work on your tan as well as your fitness? Then our tanning package is just for you. From EUR 2.50 a week, you can have unlimited tanning sessions in our gym. The sunbed relaxes your muscles and stimulates your blood circulation – a great way to relax after working out. Of course, we are happy to advise you on how to use the sunbed safely.

Gym membership in Groningen 

At ProFit Gym Groningen, we offer 3 different types of memberships: 6 months, one year and two years. We are an all-in gym, starting at EUR 5.25 a week. This means that all facilities are included in your membership, without any extra costs! With your membership, you can use all our gyms, join group classes, measure your progress in our own ProFit Gym app and much more. Curious about all that ProFit Gym has to offer? Then have a look at our facilities  page. The app includes an overview of all the tools we offer you to get a great workout.

ProFit Gym location centrally located in Groningen

ProFit Gym Groningen is easily accessible from different districts in the city: Centrum/Binnenstad, Schildersbuurt, Laanhuizen, Grunobuurt, Herewegbuurt, Stadspark, Rivierenbuurt, Zeeheldenbuurt, Badstratenbuurt and Peizerweg. There is plenty of (paid) parking behind the gym. With your membership, you can visit any of our clubs! So, you are not limited to our Groningen gym.

Fitness facilities at ProFit Gym Groningen

We aim to offer everyone the best possible workout. We do this by equipping our gyms with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. From plate-loaded machines to powerlift spots and from rowing machines to cross-trainers. Our professional trainers in Groningen will be happy to help you along the way by creating personal training schedules based on your personal exercise goals. You also have the opportunity to train together with your own fitness coach for 1.5 hours. When you join us, we start with an initial consultation. Together, we will map out the route to your final goal.

Digital extension of your gym session in Groningen

Our very own ProFit Gym App is the tool you need to take your workout to the next level. The application allows you to track your progress, plan group classes, schedule a fitness appointment with your own coach and much more. Of course, this app is part of your current membership. So, you pay nothing extra at all.

Exercising is more fun when you do it together! With the app, we now make it easier and more fun to exercise together in Groningen, motivate each other and achieve your goals.

  • Add your friends in the app and follow your collective achievements
  • Invite friends to take a group class together
  • See which friends have already signed up for a group class
  • For the more competitive among us; compare your performance with your friends
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